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Q & A with Lisa


As requested by nonochuu. :)

Welcome back to Bleach Lists, everyone! As the first post-hiatus list, let’s see Lisa answer those questions you all asked like a week ago!

1. hitsugaya-watermelon said: How did you deal with kyouraku’s laziness when you are his lieutenant?

Lisa: I found that kicking him in the head was usually effective.

2. lookingbetterinblacktrenchcoats said: What caused you to develop such an interest in your magazines? Was it kyoraku? / mila-nee said: how did you feel when you first read a porn? / whydoeseverybodytakethecoolnames said: When-and how-did you become so interested in porn?

Lisa: I was curious.

Lisa: I wandered into that section of the bookstore, and I picked one up.

Lisa: Three hours later, they noticed me and made me leave.

Lisa: But by then I was hooked.

3. kageshini1 said: Did you ever manage to give Ichigo some of your more (ahem) adult magazines?

Lisa: Sure, he borrowed them all the time.


Lisa: So long as “borrowed” means “found them in unexpected places opened to sexually explicit pages because the expressions he made were pretty hilarious.”

4. missingkitsune said: Hey Lisa.. What was the craziest thing you and Captain Kyoraku ever did in one night?

Lisa: Mmmm…the marshmallow eating contest night was pretty wild.

Lisa: Mostly because the marshmallows were soaked in vodka.

Lisa: Let’s just say that I woke up on a roof, and he woke up on the head captain’s porch, and we both know there was a chicken involved but we can’t remember how.

Lisa: Good times.

5. damloz said: How long have you know Rose and what is your friendship with him like?

Lisa: We met when I joined the Gotei-13. Squads didn’t hang out much back then, but I was out exploring, and I heard music, and I followed it, and there Rose was working on some song.

Lisa: I ended up hanging with him for a while.

Lisa: I guess we’ve been friends since.

6. shuuheihisagay said: How often does Kensei borrow your porno mags and what is his approach when he’s borrowing one… or a few?

Lisa: Mmmm…back when we all lived together it was a weekly thing. Sometimes twice weekly if he was going through a rough patch.

Lisa: Mostly he’d come up and ask if he could “borrow one” and I’d play dumb and he’d ask if he could “borrow, you know, one of those magazines” and I’d pretend I didn’t hear and soon he’d be bellowing “GIVE ME A PORN MAG WOMAN”

Lisa: It was our thing.

7. kurosakineko said:
Do you write porn fanfics about other Bleach characters? Which one you think is the best?

Lisa: It’s more Love who does that.

Lisa: I did write one about Hitsugaya having to choose betewen Hiyori and Halibel, and then it turned out that Hiyori and Halibel were sleeping together and he was crushed but then it turned out they were both up for him joining in and, well, a threesome happened.

Lisa: But mostly I wrote that because Shinji promised he’d deliver it to Hitsugaya for me.

Lisa: Never did get any comments back.

Lisa: Rude.

8. amirawu said: WHo or how many people borrowed porn magazines/books from you?

Lisa: Mostly just my fellow visored.

Lisa: And Kyoraku back in the day.

9. nonochuu said: What’s your best day of your life with Nanao and Kyoraku? :)

Lisa: Hard to pick. Those were some good times.

Lisa: I suppose the day I tried to teach tiny Nanao how best to spy on captain’s meetings. She accidentally knocked over the box she was standing on and there was a crash and Kyoraku caught us.

Lisa: Nanao was horrified and scared but Kyoraku thought it was funny and we took Nanao out for ice cream.

Lisa: That was a good day.

10. cleopatraroyala said: If Aizen were to ask you for help in wooing Shinji and offered you a chance to watch, would you?

Lisa: I’m not super interested in Aizen finding happiness.

Lisa: So if Shinji were on board, then yeah.

Lisa: I’d love to watch Aizen fail.

11. lightblade97 said: Do you have a thing for school uniforms? cause u always wear one?

Lisa: They look good on me.

Lisa: I have very nice legs.

12. bigotaku2118 said: Just how much money have you spent on your collection of… studying material?

Lisa: The short answer is “a lot.”

Lisa: I am a connoisseur. I want quality.

Lisa: And also the really weird stuff just tends to be more expensive.

13. divine001 said: What does your Shikai do?

Lisa: One - it allows me to stab things that are quite far away.

Lisa: And two - it allows me to more effectively mock Kensei for his very tiny shikai.

14. hashtagartistlife said: Lisa! How do you feel about Nanao having been promoted to Lieutenant?

Lisa: No one deserves more than her.

Lisa: I am very proud.

15. weirdsupernaturalgirl said: How are you just so awesome?

Lisa: It’s a gift.


I still haven’t blogged about our field research because I’m such a huuuuuge procrastinator, haha! But our producer managed to do so along with some progress on our team project~ :D


Having the motivation and idea to create something new aren’t enough, especially if you want to be a pro in a certain field that you want to be a part of.

Before you actually make something, research first. It’s like cooking: how are you going to bake a red velvet cake if you don’t know the ingredients and the procedures?
Analyze, make plans and test these plans to see what works or what not works. Take into account the factors that can affect your work (schedule, budget, assets, etc) You can say like, make a prototype or a draft.
Ask for suggestions and critiques. And by that, do not ask your friends or relatives for critiques because they’ll just praise you — unless they are very familiar with what you’re doing (by familiar, I mean they know the technical stuff and they also have passion in it)
You will encounter errors and revisions, so.. rinse and repeat.
Once everything’s okay and you’re confident enough with your work, finalize.

Sounds time consuming? Well, it’s much better than starting from scratch when you’re done, or presenting a work that looks like it can be done by a grade-schooler.


I’ve been posting previews and promo arts of my original comic project but not so much of the doujin project, lol. Aside from the “remastered” comic strips I posted here, I also included stuff that are exclusive to that doujin, like the comic strip where this panel came from.


Here’s another art of the lethargic yet skilled titular character of my original comic project ;u;

Random fact: His name (Bao) is not his original name. I just thought of it later on because I wanted his name to be something that can be related to a panda (because he’s lazy and he wants to be cute like a panda, lol). Then I came across the panda Bao Bao. And yes, I intentionally used a female panda’s name for a male character.


To handle criticisms, one must get rid of pride, must not fall in love with his/her own work, and must not take these criticisms personally.



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Playing around with new tools for improved(???) inking.
Traditional ink and sketch; coloured in Paint Tool SAI.


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